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I'm having trouble understanding the tables...

I've tried to make the tables as simple and accessible as I can while also being suitable for view on mobile devices. Hopefully the example below clears up which attributes correspond to which cap breaker. ALL builds can reach 99 so if a table is missing some rows (e.g. it only goes up to 95-96 and there are no rows for 96-97, 97-98 and 98-99) this is simply because I do not have any information beyond that OVR so I haven't added the rows to save space. Any missing rows will be added when I have some information to put in them.


OVR Number of cap breakers Attributes
{{item.ovr}} {{item.caps}}
TOTAL {{total}}


I can't find my archetype!

If you are struggling to find your build, first make sure you're checking the right page. When I notice guard and forward/center variations of the same primary&secondary skill combination (e.g. Pure Sharpshooter and Pure Stretch) have the same cap breakers and attributes, the table for such build will be found under a grouped title (e.g. Pure Sharpshooter / Stretch).
If you notice the guard variation is on the site but not the forward or vice versa, this means I haven't been able to confirm that the caps are the same but if they follow what you have experienced so far they should follow the rest of the way as well. Please contact me if you are able to confirm whether the caps are the same or different when I only have one variation on the site.
The following builds can not currently be found on the site in any instance due to lack of information:
  • Rebounding Playmaker
  • Rebounding Shot Creator



The table says two cap breakers but I'm on my third!

Now I don't mean to be demeaning but in almost every case of people claiming they have 3 cap breakers to the next OVR on a build other than the four listed as confirmed with triple bars on the home page, they are misremembering most likely due to having 2 cap breakers per OVR 2 or 3 times in a row. For the most popular builds on the game, I have checked and double checked videos from different sources for each cap breaker. But if you have video or screenshot evidence to support your claim, please do send it to me. Suitable evidence would be sending me video/screenshot similar to the two images shown below except there should be 9 different attributes on the second screen instead of 6




I filled a cap breaker but didn't get any attributes!

This is a glitch! If this happens to you, try and get video evidence and contact 2K support. I have heard this can occur if, when the "Update required - please return to the main menu" pops up, you continue to play 1 or more games before returning to the main menu (if you were already in the midst of a game when it popped up you shouldn't be effected but don't start another game).

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