The badge progression system in 2K has been changed rather significantly with 2K20. All badges have been split into 4 categories: Finishing, Shooting, Playmaking and Defending/Rebounding, and now rather than performing specific actions to unlock badges, any action that gives MyPoints and falls into one of these categories counts towards the progress bar for a badge point that you can then use to upgrade any of the badges in those categories. For example, you may get 500 MyPoints for hitting an open three-pointer so those 500 MyPoints go towards unlocking a new shooting badge point alongside going towards unlocking new attribute upgrades.

You are only able to have Hall of Fame badges in, at most, 2 categories (those being the two that you chose to specialise in when selecting your skill pie chart when creating your player) but otherwise you may spend your badge points how you please. Once you've unlocked the max amount of available badge points in one category, you are free to change the badges whenever you please.

The amount of MyPoints you receive for certain actions varies depending on your build i.e. you will receive more MyPoints for doing things that your build specialises in (so if you have shooting in your build, you will receive more MyPoints for hitting a jumpshot than someone who doesn't have shooting in their build) but all the different types of badge points require the same amount of MyPoints even though your weaker skills badge progress bar will take longer.

The amount of MyPoints needed to fill the badge progress bar steadily increases each time for the first 6 badge points but from then on all subsequent badge point upgrades require the same amount of MyPoints.


On the 30th September, patch 1.05 dropped and with it came a buff to badge progression. The amount of MyPoints required to fill a badge point bar has been reduced by around 30% and you can find the precise numbers in the table below.

Badge Point MyPOINTS needed to fill one bar BEFORE patch 1.05 MyPOINTS needed to fill one bar AFTER patch 1.05
1st 15,000 10,000
2nd 20,000 15,000
3rd 25,000 20,000
4th 30,000 22,500
5th 35,000 25,000
6th - 30th 40,000 27,500

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