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In the MyPLAYER modes on NBA 2K19, you receive MyPOINTS after every game which count towards the progress for 'cap breakers'. When you fill this progress bar (like the one shown below) to 100%, you unlock new attributes for your player. You need to fill one of these 'bars' once, twice or sometimes even three times to advance to the next OVR but the game doesn't tell you how many it will take nor the attributes that you will unlock so the purpose of this website is to inform you how many 'cap breakers' or 'bars' you will need to fill in order to advance to the next OVR and which attributes you will get along the way.

Select the primary skill of your archetype from the drop down menu above and then scroll down that page to find the table for your build.


The info compiled on the site was gathered through either user submission (e.g. someone tweeting/emailing me the cap breakers and attributes) or mostly through watching youtube videos/twitch streams of people upgrading their attributes to reach the next OVR and usually in the case of it taking 2 cap breakers to reach the next OVR I would compare screenshots of this with someone upgrading to the previous OVR and spot the difference to work out the 1st set of attributes unlocked.

Now there is obviously some error that can creep into this, if I'm getting the info via word of mouth it's entirely possible the person is misremembering the caps or attributes and in the case of videos, while the cap breaker information is likely to be accurate, it's entirely possible, for example, that someone might upgrade only select attributes off-camera and then when they post a video upgrading to the next OVR show them upgrading any remaining attributes giving off the impression that those attributes are the ones they unlocked at the 2nd cap breaker when in fact it could be a mix of both so I would recommend to not take the info on the site as 100% fact.


ALL archetypes on NBA 2K19 have 6 or 7 cap breakers from 85 to 90 OVR and then either 13 or 14 cap breakers between 90 and 99 OVR for 20 in total with the exception of the Shot-Creating Sharpshooter / Stretch which has just 5 cap breakers from 85 to 90 as it skips 89 OVR and then has 15 from 90 to 99.

Most tables on the site will only feature the cap breakers and attributes for 90 OVR onwards, however I have started to add the caps and attributes for 85 - 90 for some of the more popular builds on the game where I can.


ALL Pure builds have their primary attributes maxed when they hit 89 OVR.

Most dual archetypes don't max out their secondary attributes until at least 95 OVR.

You will generally receive 3 attributes when you break a cap after 90 OVR, however you can sometimes receive up to 4 early on (between 90-92) or even just 2 later on (96+)

The order in which you unlock attributes does not change depending on position however the cap breakers may differ slightly. 

e.g. the 6th set of attributes unlocked after 90 for a Pure Lockdown/Pure Rim Protector is the same even though this is the 2nd cap breaker to 94 for a Pure Lockdown but the 1st cap breaker to 95 for a Pure Rim Protector.


Only 4 builds so far are confirmed to have a "triple bar" (3 cap breakers to the next OVR): 

  • Sharpshooting Shot Creator (91 - 92 OVR)
  • Pure Sharpshooter / Stretch (92 - 93 OVR)
  • Shot-Creating Playmaker / Point Forward (92 - 93 OVR)
  • Slashing Post Scorer (94 - 95 OVR)

Attributes highlighted in blue throughout the site are the max caps for that builds primary/secondary attributes

I consider these to be as follows:

  • 3pt Shooting 3pt + Mid-Range
  • Defending Steals + Blocks
  • Playmaking Ball Handling + Passing
  • Post Scoring Post Offense + Layups
  • Rebounding Rebounding + Strength
  • Shot Creating Mid-Range + Ball Handling
  • Slashing Layups + Dunks

If any of the attributes above are not featured on the table for a build, it most likely means that they were maxed before/at 90 OVR. For example, most 3pt shooting primary builds have their 3pt attribute maxed when they hit 89 or 90 OVR.


Note: You can find more exact numbers for each cap breaker on the MyPOINTS Required page

OVR Estimated MyPoints needed per cap breaker
85 - 86 30,000 - 45,000
86 - 87 45,000 - 90,000
87 - 88 90,000 - 175,000
88 - 89 175,000 - 465,000
89 - 90 465,000 - 675,000
90 - 91 465,000 - 925,000
91 - 92 1,000,000 - 1,700,000
92 - 93 1,700,000 - 2,600,000
93 - 94 2,000,000 - 3,000,000
94 - 95 2,600,000 - 3,600,000
95 - 96 4,000,000 - 6,000,000
96 - 97 4,500,000 - 8,000,000
97 - 98 8,000,000 - 15,000,000
98 - 99 15,000,000 - 20,000,000

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